Off-White Cabinets 

2017 was a BIG year for white cabinets, 2018 is nothing different. 

There is a big push towards the all-white kitchen, even the appliances! Be on the lookout for more kitchen trends like this! 

Retro Style Appliances

Retro seems to always come back into style at some point or another. 

This time, we're leaving the lime green and bunny ear antennas in the basement, but bringing back the appliances! 

Word Art Is HUGE

This isn't the "college dorm" of wall art. We are talking BIG murals, paintings, and quotes, anywhere and everywhere. 

Think of this as your favorite designer T-shirt that you love to wear with its brand logo.

Natural Accents

Wood and stone will always be in. But this year, try adding a few accents to your home and it'll POP!

It's a classy and sleek touch, that any home and look good with. It's like paring your favorite Wines & Cheeses.....

Top Picks From A Pro: Marra Decor-Miami, FL


Contact: [email protected]

1.)  Velvet-"You see it everywhere in fashion as well as furniture."

2.) Natural Accents- "Lots of neutrals/earthy vibes. Bringing the outdoors into indoors with plant decor."

3.) Geometric Patterned Fabrics 

4.) Mixing Silver & Gold Appliances- "Usually people feel the need to stick to one or the other to match, however, I've been seeing mixed metallics everywhere! (especially in the kitchen!)."

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